1. Where do u think the picture is taken  ? In which city ? In which country ?
  2. What is there on the right and on the left of the picture ? Is there a house nearby ? What is it like ?
  3. Who are the people at the back ? Where are they going to ?
  4. What day is it ? Is it an ordinary day or a special day ?
  5. What time of the day is it ? Can u imagine what they did before ?
  6. Which animal can u see ? Which other animals do u think are there ?


21 thoughts on “PEOPLE

  1. it provokes monotony because of a pigeon pecking crumbs and flies.
    I think it’s Monday afternoon .. about six o’clock when all people leave work
    behind there are men walking on a square piacenza in Piazza Duomo. I think in addition to the pigeon there are all the microbes of the road. Moreover, I think it’s a hoax. however, is not bad but nice. 🙂

  2. I think the picture is taken in Milano, Italy.
    on the right, people’s legs. on the left, a pigeon.
    busy people walk fast to the office.
    saturday morning because people go shopping here and there
    one o’clock
    one pigeon and many more:) 😉 ❤ 😎

  3. 1- in New York
    2- on the right, people. to the left, a pigeon. no houses. i feel sad
    3- people go to work
    4- it’s an ordinary day
    5- it’s morning and before they were at home to get ready
    6- one pigeon and nothing else

  4. it’s taken in Italy in Milano in Duomo Palace
    there is a place with many many people No there isn’t a house nearby
    there’s an employee, an engineer and a police man and they are all going to work
    it’s Friday and it’s an ordinary day
    it’s 20:35 they woke up and they had breakfast
    I see a pigeon and there is a tiger, an elefant, snakes, a dog, a cat, and a zoo ..

  5. 1 the photo was taken in Italy in Milan
    2 On the right there’s a man with a dog – no house but a palace
    3 people in and out from the office or church
    4 a Tuesday – one day before school starts
    5 It’s 10 o’clock .
    6 The dog.

  6. 1 in Italy in Milan
    2 on the right, a man with a dog – no house but a palace
    3 people in and out from the office or the church
    4 a Tuesday – a day before the school starts
    5 it’s 10:00 .
    6 the dog

  7. 1. In Sacramento U.S.A . 2. on the right there is a park and on the left there is a big school.
    3.they are engineers, they are going to the restaurant .
    4. it Is monday and it is an ordinary day
    5.It’s 12 o’clock
    6. I can see the pigeon and there are a lot of cats,dogs and mice.

  8. Il piccione si trova a Milano vicino al Duomo,davanti ci sono altri piccioni che stanno mangiando delle molliche di pane,é il 17 Settembre di mattina verso le 10.30 e il piccione sta correndo di quà e di là aspettando che qualcuno gli lanci una mollica di pane. Susy 🙂 😉

  9. sicilia-italy
    2.on the right there is a chil with a long skirt,and on the left there is a pigeon;there is not a house
    3.the people are going to a procession for a funeral a day of deads;is a special day’s a morning;they are in a cemetery
    6.the animal is a pigeon;there aren’t other animals.

  10. 1. in america in new york
    2. businessmen
    4..sembra una mattina dei primi giorni di settembre ed è un giorno come tanti
    3. to the office or shopping
    5. morning
    6. a pigeon

  11. The photo was taken in London, U.K., near Westmister cathedral.
    On the left there is a pigeon and on the right there are many people’s legs.
    It’s an ordinary day at 9 0’clock and the people behind the pigeon are two: two people, married.
    They went to the tribunal becouse the man was a lawyer and the women was a magistrate.
    We can see a pigeon but I imagine the birds was pursued by a cat.

    Jacopo 🙂


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