Happy New Year ! C u in 2013 !





May  all  the  Joy  and  Peace of  the  Holiday  Season  bless every  day  of  the  New  Year,  ep 🙂


What about your New Year´s Eve ?



26 thoughts on “Happy New Year ! C u in 2013 !

  1. aspetto con ansia il 31 dicembre 2012 per festeggiare insieme alla mia famiglia la fine e l’inizio del nuovo anno.

  2. Anche se in ritardo happy new year to all school! On days of 31 december at my house my grandpa, my cusin, my uncle, my aunt came e abbiamo festeggiato facendo il grande cenone, guardando un film divertente. Later at middnight we went out in my garden and we watched fuochi d’artificio… it was a very beautiful night 😀

  3. In Italy we all celebrate it with friends and families. i usually spend december 31 with food preparation for january 1 or i celebrate it with friends at home. We usually eat like any other day… but my mom and dad prepared the roast meat with baked potatoes – it was delicious !! people dress a little more elegant than usual. In Italy on january 6 we anxiously wait for the witch to see the “gifts” with her broom. 😀 by martina golino

  4. New Year in Italy is celebrated with fireworks and firing small rockets in the sky.
    Usually Italian families eat together and wait for midnight playing “tombola”or “bingo” .
    instead i went to the cinema with Riccardo’s family and we watched “colpi di fulmine”.
    after the film we had dinner at 11.00 with pizza and cola.
    after dinner we went to the game room and we played videogames from 12.45 to 1.45!!
    on 6th january the befana arrived with a sock full with treats for the children.


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