English: Thank You Dana and Good Bye :-)


Thank You DANA for Everything we did together with fun, for .. helping us with the Christmas Show Songs .. for the Photofunnia with 2 B, for the Bingo Chant, for playing the game Who Am I ?, for all Your Beautiful Photos, videos and information about Your wonderful Country : NEW ZEALAND – Thanks for Your Smile – WE’LL ALL MISS YOU … But We All Know We’ll Meet Again next Autumn and moreover, We’ll Keep in Touch 🙂 – Lascia un commento per Dana …..


55 thoughts on “English: Thank You Dana and Good Bye :-)

  1. Dana Haimona ha 29 anni è nata a Rotorua il 21 luglio è stanziata in nuova Zelanda a 21 Barron crescent whakarewarewa.
    È un insegnante

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