3 B – English : Saint Patrick’s Day – by Viktorija e Alice

images Fiume Chicago Birra irlandeseWHO WAS SAINT PATRICK?

Saint Patrick was born in Britain in the year AD 387. When he was sixteen, pirates kidnapped him and sold him as a slave in Ireland. He was there for about six years and he became very close to God. In a dream, God told him to return to Britain. He escaped and went back home. He then went to France and studied to be a priest. In another dream, the irish people asked him to come back. In the year 433, he returned to Ireland and he helped to convert the Irish people to Christianity.

St. Patrick is very important in the USA. Why is this? Well, there are more than 30 million families in America with Irish origins. For this reason, St. Ptrick’s Day, on 17 th March, is a popular festival in America.

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He died on 17 th March. In many cities there is a big parade on St. Patrick’s Day. People wear shamrocks and paint their faces green. ( Green is the national colour of Ireland and the shamrock is the symbol of Ireland. ) On St. Patrck’s Day, many people dye their hair green. In Chicago, they even dye the river green! They also celebrate with green food and drink.

In the evening you can often listen to Irish music at a ceilidh/keili/, a traditional Irish dance. It’s great fun!


Would you like to partecipate to this festival? Vi piacerebbe partecipare a questa festa?

What do you think about this festival? Cosa ne pensate di questa festa?


19 thoughts on “3 B – English : Saint Patrick’s Day – by Viktorija e Alice

  1. secondo me S.Patrick è una festa molto FUNNY;ma anche molto violent (stando alle fonti very reliable dei simpsons)!!!!!:))
    comunque,mi piacerebbe troppo parteciparvi!!!!!!!!!!!:)) :))

  2. -A me piacerebbe molto partecipare a una festa tutta di colore verde , ma secondo me a S.Patrick gli uomini americani
    “bevono” troppo!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Certo che mi piacerebbe partecipare e in più il verde è il mio colore preferito e lì sarebbe il mio paradiso circondata di verde ❤ comunque sarei felice di partecipare attivamente a questa festa anche se l'Irlanda non è proprio dietro l'angolo…. 😀


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