2F interviews Melania Dadati



Melania Dadati is from Santimento. and she is 39. She’s an only child and she doesn’t have any children.

Melania can’t play any musical instrument but she can play volleyball.

She gives English, French, Italian, Maths & Chemistry  private lessons, every day from Mon to Fri. She eats out about 3 times a week in the evening. At the weekend, on Sat pm,  she usually goes swimming & in the evening she goes out with friends. On Sun she relaxes reading books and she enjoys staying at home. In the afternoon, she takes her dog, Pepita, out for a walk. On Sun evening she goes to the cinema with her boyfriend.

Last Christmas she was at home with her family and she had a big lunch with them. Last weekend she went out for dinner on Sat ev and on Sun she went to her boyfriend’s home.



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