Erica Bisi meets 3F – Happy Valentine !


Erica Bisi has got a brother: Paolo. Camilla & Martina met him in Cassimoreno.

Erica’s got a black & white dog, an English setter, Bi. Bi’s mom was called Macchia.

Erica likes  reading biographies, thrillers and when she was a student, she read Latin & Greek stories. She liked to study Italian, English and History.

She enjoys dancing, modern dancing before, zumba now. She likes  cooking, too in her free time – especially desserts for the other people in her family.

When she was  a child, she played tennis & danced.

She was a student  here in Calendasco and then she studied at Liceo Classico Gioia. She preferred Latin to Greek.

She’s now working for a notary.

She finished Law University in Piacenza – it was not too difficult, at least some subjects weren’t . She is interested about the laws because she likes the applications, you can choose the coorrect applications to solve a problem & a situation.



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