Metropolitan University of Leeds, Yorkshire, England

leeds1 leeds2  leeds3

Do you prefer a study holiday  in a family or in a college ? 

What do you think is the difference ? 


4 thoughts on “Metropolitan University of Leeds, Yorkshire, England

  1. well… 2 years ago I went to London for 2 weeks and it was wonderful!!!
    This summer, when school finish, from 7 June to 13 June my school friend and I will go into a college in Malaga( Spain) to learn Spanish and we will sleep in a family house. In my opinion I think to travel around the world to learn a lot of languages it’s the best thing you can do. 😀

  2. well…now I’m in a hard moment because every day there is at least one or two test and when I’m at home I have only time for studying but at the moment my school marks are so well. If some day I haven’t got school lesson I will come to Gozzanomiddleschool
    I miss so much this school😪☻


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